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Rump Steak Sandwich 🥪

Rump steak Sandwich

Delicious Rump Steak sandwich, to enjoy at any time, simple and quick to prepare.
Serves: 1 - 2 | Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: 2/10


    • 255gr Rump Steak.
    • 2 Roasted red pepper (cut into strips in the groses that you like)
    • 1/2 Onino finely cut.
    • Roquet salad.
    • Grated Mozarella Cheese (or you favourite).
    • Olive Oil.
    • Salt and Pepper.
    • 2 Ciabatta Bread.
    • Mojo Red Pepper, to serve.
    • Chili Sauce Chipotle.



    1. Put the oven to preheat to 200º C and  a pan on the heat with a little of olive  oil to heat, while the frying pan warms up to season the meat with salt and pepper to taste. Add the meat to the pan and we will cook it over medium heat, turning the meat over every minute so that it cooks well on both sides, depending on how you like the meat it will take more or less cooking time, in my case we cook it for 5 minutes.
    2. While the meat is being made, we are going to sauté the onion along with the roasted pepper in another pan.
    3. Once the meat is done, let it rest for a few minutes, while we prepare our bread, cut it in half, add a little rocket salad, a few pieces of meat (previously cut into strips), the peppers stir-fried with onion , our mozarella cheese and we put it for 1 or 2 minutes in the oven to heat the bread while we gratinate the cheese a bit.
    4. To finish we have served it with our Mojo Red Pepper and chipotle chili sauce, simply delicious.

    Que lo disfrutes!!




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