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Red Pepper Pulled Beef With Mango & Habanero Mash Potatoes.

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Red Pepper Pulled Beef with Mango & Habanero Mash Potatoes 🤤.


Pulled Beef:

  • 1kg brisket beef 
  • 600ml Mojo Red Pepper.
  • 3 small red onions.
  • 3 branches of celery.
  • Tabasco.Worcestershire sauce.
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • 15gr rosemary
  •  2 fresh bay leaves
  • olive oil.
  • 500ml cold water.
Mash Potatoes:
  • 800gr Maris piper Potatoes 
  • Mojo Mango & Habanero.
  • 25gr unsalted butter.
  • milk
  • 100gr mozarrela cheese.

To prepare this dish you can do it in the slow cooker or simply in the oven, I use the slow cooker, but if you are going to use the oven you need to preheat the oven at 130 ° C / 250 ° F and use a casserole pan (25cm in diameter and 10cm high).
Season the brisket all over with salt and pepper, then put into the pan, (for the slow cooker use a separate pan to prepare the meats and vegetables first and then add it to the slow cooker) with splash of olive oil and cook for 10 minutes, turning until browned all over. Meanwhile, chop the celery into 5cm chunks, then peel and quarter the onion. Add both to the pan, reduce to low heat and cook gently for 5 to 10 minutes, o until softened.
Add the red pepper mojo sauce with the water into the pan and good pinch of salt and pepper. Tie the rosemary and bay together and add to the pan, pour 10 dash of Tabasco sauces and other 10 dash Worcestershire sauce. Bring everything to boil, then turn off the heat, cover the pan with damp greaseproof paper and cook in the oven ( or slow cooker to maximo heat) for 5 to 6 hour, or until the beef is tender and falling apart.
Mash potatoes:
With 20 minutes to go, peel and roughly chop the potatoes and cook in a pan of boiling salted water for 15 minutes,or until tender. Drain the potatoes in a colander and leave to steam dry, the return to the pan and mash well with the butter, mozarella and splash of milk, add Mango & habanero Mojo sauce to you taste and stir well. 
Pull the beef apart with two forks, toss through the Mojo red Sauce , the serve with nice green salad 🥗.

Que lo disfrutes 😋


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